Contribution towards investigation and technological development
One of the main goals of SOLAR CONCENTRA is to actively contribute towards investigation and technological development in the Solar Thermal Sector. For this purpose, there are two active working groups where entities share their knowhow in order to make this sector move a step further in terms of development.
A tool Serving the Industry
SOLAR CONCENTRA is an active forum in which the members represent the whole value chain of the Solar Thermal sector. Among the members there are public institutions, technological centers, companies, associations, technological platforms and investigators.
R&D Strategic Agenda
SOLAR CONCENTRA has produced a very important document, R&D Strategic Agenda for Concentrating Solar / Solar Thermal technology. This a fundamental strategic vision for knowing the present and the future of the sector


Concentrated Solar Power Collectors for District Heat in Northern Europe

Compared to steam turbines based on a water circuit, ORC installations make it possible to recover heat from low-temperature sources available in small-capacity plants. An ORC system can work well in concert with biomass combustion and solar concentrating units. The system was named for its use of an organic fluid characterised by high molecular mass

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La termosolar genera el 4,1% de la electricidad en España en julio

En el mes de julio, con la información estimada a 31 de julio, la generación procedente de energías renovables ha representado el 31% de la producción. Según la fuente de generación de la energía, el 20,6% fue nuclear, el 18,8% del carbón, el 17,8% de ciclo combinado, el 15,5% fue eólica, el 10,8% procedió de

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Concentrated solar power systems have until recently focused on bulk electricity production, with the main focus on solar towers and trough type collectors. Recent developments have focused on smaller units to supplement thermal power stations and to provide heat for industrial processes. Collectors based on the linear Fresnel reflector design are leading the pack. There

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