Working Group 1: Concentrating Solar Technology

This working group has been recently launched in 2017. The main goal is to find out synergies among members in order to add value to the STE / CSP Industry.
These are the working group targets:
– Being up to date regarding STE / CSP industry. Sharing updated STE Plants production data at world level and sharing STE / CSP country development programs.
– Sharing EU STE / CSP projects, either new calls of interest or current stage of development of R&D programs.
– Discussing the development guidelines for the future focusing on reducing the cost of STE / CSP Plants.
– SOLAR CONCENTRA aims to be a useful tool and dissemination place for sharing entities capabilities linked to STE / CSP industry.
– Teleconferencing will be available for working group meetings.
– Every working group meeting will start with the proposed agenda, and shall finish with the next meeting agenda already defined.