How solar thermal electricity creates jobs and improves energy security in Europe (Estela´s Paper)

ESTELA releases its latest Position Paper: “Concentrating Solar Power on the Road to 2030: How solar thermal electricity improves energy security and creates jobs in Europe.

ESTELA welcomes the EC Communication on the Energy Union published on the 25th February 2015. This Framework Strategy presents an ambitious climate policy emphasising on energy security, commitment to being the world leader in renewable energy and a new electricity market design.

Solar Thermal Electricity (STE), also known as Concentrating Solar Power (CSP), has a unique set of distinct advantages:

  • Fostering new job creation, contribution to local economy
  • Disapatchability and other technical advantages
  • Contributing to EU’s energy security and grid integration of renewables
  • Enabling a higher share of renewables
  • Long lifespan of power plants (well beyond 35 years and more)
  • Competitiveness in short and medium term: expecting rapid cost deduction by 2020

In ESTELA’s latest Position Paper, we explained in details how Solar Thermal Electricity can help European industry maintain its global leadership and improve EU’s energy security and job creations by seizing the benefits of Solar Thermal electricity for Europe:

  • A domestic market (home market) is needed for the next 5-10 years;
  • A better coordination of support measures;
  • Improved grid infrastructures and regulatory framework are needed;
  • Neighbourhood development brings mutual benefits to Europe and its neighbouring countries, as well as a significant and cost-effective contribution to combat against climate change.

In short, all Europe will profit from STE’s ability to provide dispatchable energy and increase energy independence. In order to get the most out of Solar Thermal Electricity, an intensified coordination of energy, research, regional and development policies not only at EU level, but also at national level, is needed. Also, a sizeable market for STE in the MENA countries benefits both for the local and the EU economies. Therefore, ESTELA is committed to continue working with regulatory bodies and all stakeholders and help implement the EU’s strategies on the Energy Union to meet its objectives of being the number one for renewables in the world, bringing jobs and growth to Europe, the completion of the internal energy market and more efficient energy consumption in order to enhance energy security.

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