The technological Platform SOLAR CONCENTRA is a forum build up by the most representative agents in the Solar Thermal / Concentrating Solar sector. It’s an active tool that fosters the R&D activities in the sector and has the goal to implement this activities in Spain. The outcomes are achieved due to the wide structure that holds the platform and the working groups that gather entities across the complete value chain The technological platform began its activities in 2010 managed at that time by CTAER (Centro Tecnológico Avanzado de Energías Renovables) with the support of the Junta de Andalucía and financed by the Ministry of Science and Innovation. Nowadays the developer in charge of SOLAR CONCENTRA is PROTERMOSOLAR. Since mid 2016 has taken over CTAER duties. As of today, the financing entities is the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness.


SOLAR CONCENTRA is a tool serving the Industry led by the industry, the investigation and the technology which has the following targets:
  • Providing a proper frame in which all entities involved in the development of Solar Thermal / Concentrating Solar Technology work aligned towards the settlement of commercial activities and the capitalization of the large knowhow.
  • Fostering the cooperation among members and thus, enabling the productive share of knowhow and experienced gather in the field of Solar Thermal / Concentrating Solar Technology. This leads to make the market closer.
    • Technological demand and Knowledge agents
    • Technological portfolio and firms
  • Creating, proposing and dealing with the R&D Strategic Agenda of the Solar Thermal / Concentrating Solar sector in order to enhance the competitiveness and being the driver of short, medium and long term investments, answering sector’s needs.
  • AHelping Public Institutions in the definition and development of programs that include Solar Thermal / Concentrating Solar Technology.
  • Transferring to society the advantages of solar thermal / Concentrating solar technology
  • Boosting technological initiatives internationally
  • Figuring out the knowhow roadmap that should apply for the successful development of this sector
  • Fostering the coordination among different entities within the sector (Firms, Technological Centers, Public Entities, Investigation Entities, etc…)


SOLAR CONCENTRA deals with the following activities:

  • Creation of the R&D Strategic Agenda
  • Identification of projects and investigation activities. This task includes the prioritization in different time line roadmaps of projects dealing with Solar Therma / Concentrating Solar technology. Special attention is given to projects that are focused on reducing the cost, those that improve the environmental features, those that improve the efficiency and the dispatchability.
  • Sharing information. SOLAR CONCENTRA shares relevant information with members in order to enable the understanding of the current situation of the sector.
  • Training. Another priority is to foster the specific training in this field. So that, the platform shares the different programs in universities that deal with Solar Thermal / Concentrating Solar technology.
  • Building up a balanced network between the industry and the R&D activities.